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A day in the life of a barman

There was a fight at work today. This is actually quite a rare occurrence, despite what most people seem to think :) A note to any drunkards who may read this: even if the girl shouting at you is a loudmouth bitch, it is generally not a good idea to punch her in the face; that usually results in other people making your world an interesting (and painful) place.
Don't get me wrong, I love my job, I'm just wondering what is it about the place that turns people into arseholes?

Oh yes, blatant plug, Tuesday is cheap drinks night :) Come along and be served passable beer by yours truly :)

Anyone got one of the new Athlon 64 or FX-51's yet? Am considering getting a 64 3200+, but am kinda put off by the lack of decent mobo's for it at the moment. Hopefully there'll be more support in a month or so, I really need a new PC.
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