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Survey thing

A quick, bored survey (stolen from thepurplegoth)

last cigarette: a few weeks ago
last kiss: Monday night
last cry: can't remember
last library book checked out: a couple of weeks?
personality disorders: does an addiction to the phrase "D'oh!" count?
last movie seen: League of Extraordinary Gentleman (was very good)
last book read: Snow Crash
last cuss word uttered: fucksticks (or some variant thereof)
last beverage drank: Earl Grey
last food consumed: southern fried chicken pizza
last phone call: Colin
last tv show watched: CSI s1e7 Blood Drops
last time showered: about 16 hours ago
last shoes worn: generic hiking boots
last cd played: haven't played a cd for yonks, mp3 all the way :)
last item bought: aforementioned southern fried chicken pizza :)
last soda drank: diet Pepsi
last thing written: a LJ entry about 5 minutes ago
last key used: o
last word spoken: said "hi" to trev when i got home from work earlier
last sleep: about an hour before i last showered :)
last im: nothing as yet
last sexual fantasy: wouldn't know anything about that ;)
last ice cream eaten: still eating it :) (phish food)
last time wanting to die: canna remember
last lipstick used: possibly black, a good few months ago though
last time dancing: probably sometime in July :)
last show attended: foo fighters possibly

I HURT: from standing on a fork

I LOVE: culture_slut_

I HATE: Thursday nights

I FEAR: the evil monkey in my closet

I HOPE: the postman is feeling nice to me tomorrow

I FEEL: like dancing, for some odd reason

I HIDE: in my room

I DRIVE: not one of these, fortunately for other road users :)

I MISS: cats

I NEED: more pepsi

I THINK: not very often

Current music: Def Leppard :)
Current hair: a strange purple colour
current thing i should be doing: updating the Edwards No. 8 website
current desktop picture: random swirly colours

What do you most like about your body? I have no real problems with any of it.
.. And least? See above.
How many fillings do you have? None.
Do you think you're good looking? hrmm, maybe.
Do other people often tell you that you're good looking? someone special does :)
Do you look like any celebrities? nope
Words of wisdom: Live fast, die young, come back as a cougar.
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