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Long time no post

Don't really know why I'm updating now, haven't got anything remotely interesting to say. Oh well :)

Finally moved out of the shithole we were in last year, now living in a very nice house in Kingstanding. Despite moving in on the 1st, I have so far not paid any rent or deposits or signed a contract, which seems kind of strange. However, I am assured the landlord will be round ASAP to "sort things out" :)
Am also amazed that my room is still not a complete tip, and I've been living here for over a week! :D

culture_slut_ and I are going to see Rancid on Thursday, first time out (nearly!) for her for a while. Following that, we'll be in Eddies on Saturday for Karl's birthday, hope to see some of you there!

I would write more, but as my life is currently following the "go work in costers, sleep, repeat" pattern there doesn't seem to be much point.
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